How to Install a Cyberoam VPN

Step 1: Open "Internet Edge" 
Step 2: Browse to
Step 3:
A) Select "SSL VPN Client" tab
B) Select the appropriate download for your operating system
C) Click Save
Click "Open"
Step 4:
Double Click the install folder
Then Double Click the Install File
Click "Extract all"
Verify the Extraction Location and the click "Extract"
Step 5: Open the Installation Folder
Double Click the Install File
NOTE: You may have to enter an Administrator Username and Password
Step 6: Click Okay
Click "Next"
Click "Next"
Click "Install"
Step 7: Open Internet Edge
Step 8: Browse to your public IP address (Ex: and click " Continue to this webpage (not recommended)"
Step 9: Login with your VPN Username and Password
Step 10: Download and Save the IPV4 configuration
Step 11: Open your System Tray
Right Click on the VPN icon and select "Import Configuration"
Step 12: Click Browse
Select the Downloads Folder
Select the "clientbundle.tgz"
Click "Import"
Click "Okay"
Step 13: Login with your VPN username and Password
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